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Son licking his mom pussyWhen a sweet young thing like this comes over, I certainly would be having him do more than the dishes! I swear every teen guy who has just made their way to college ends up hooking up with a MILF like this at least once before they hit 20. Sure, it starts off with him being all nice and cleaning up around her kitchen, but it soon takes a turn from there. When this mom with massive tits decides that she wants this fresh piece of meat, there’s nothing going to stop her!

I do love how she gets right up there and takes control of the whole situation – first by getting him all hot and horny with an under-the-pants hand job, then moving onto getting his teen ass naked. Yes, she does take a bit of a submissive role at one point and gets on her knees to suck him off, give him a tit fuck, and a general tease – but that’s not for very long. This hot milf is in her dominating role, to the point where she puts him in his place to lap up her hairy pussy.

She does need to give this young guy some pussy licking lessons, though! I’d be grabbing his scruffy head and shoving his face into my own muff. None of this teeny tiny flicks of the tongue over the edges of her pubic hair. Momma wants what Momma wants – and little submissive teen here is going to give it! She gets her satisfaction at the end, though. While the eager teen is laying on her kitchen floor, she climbs up onto his cock and pleases herself. What a lovely Momma to comfort him at the end – I bet she even told him he was the best fuck she’s ever had. Now – if only she turned him on her knee for a good hard spanking!

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Mom and Son fucking session

I LOVE it when the milf just have that ‘I don’t give a fuck’ look on their faces when being boned by their much younger boyfriends. It’s the ultimate in domination. “Yes, you’re fucking me, and I suppose it feels good, but I’d be much more entertained if I was getting my nails done. But don’t stop.” Is there anything really hotter than a teen getting denied by their milf lover?

This redhead mother is the queen of that sort of treatment. She’s not the fittest thing in the world, but she knows what her boy toy likes – soft belly, cupable tits, and a c-section scar that bounces when she gets boned. Even when she’s nice enough to suck him off, the blow job is more for her entertainment than his pleasure – that, and to get him hard enough so she can use him. She allows him to lick her pussy just until it’s good and ready before climbing on top of him and banging him like the fuck stick that he is. Sure, she gets bored of his half-hearted fucking and swaps up positions a few times, but it’s totally for her enjoyment only – nothing to do with his!

The best part – her face at the end when he’s all up in her neck trying to get some post-fuck cuddling. Redhead milf totally shuts down her lover any sort of comfort and would much rather revel in her own post-orgasmic bliss. I was just wanting for her to shoo him off for some after-sex cigarettes or snacks. Now that would have made her milf domination complete!

So tell me, Domme Mommies – when a young teen like this wants everything to do with you but you are just using him for a warm dildo, do you let him get a kiss and snuggle when the job is done? Or are you nice enough to give them that affection that they’re so obviously looking for?

Source: Real Mom Exposed Channel