Playing With Fire: Top Five Amateur Candle Sex Videos


Wax dripping in ass and pussy‘Tis the season for lights magic and the brightning side at large.

There’s nothing quite like the ambiance afforded by the smoothy firelight of a burning candle.

This ambiance works well in the genital region too, as it turns out.

So let’s cross to the dark side, shall we? We’re playing with fire, where the only burn is the blazing glow of lust we feel.

We love Christmas and all, but we think the Let’s-Sing-Along-Carols-Freaks and luminarias won’t miss their candles for a night or so.

Utilizing them as a scorching, fiery sex tool is a funner fate than burning out on the sidewalk anyway!

And hot wax looks so “hot” on bare skin.

5. Extreme Wax Play

4. Extreme Candle Wax Torment In The Kitchen

Submissive slave girl in the kitchen gets a suprise candle wax torment from a rough domina. Two candles dripping hot wax on her tits and stomach. Her mistress tries scraping off the wax off her body with her whip. It looks really painful.

3. Bizarre Candle Wax Torturing In The Dungeon

She was brought here to please his master and indulge on a hot candle wax torturing. Her chest was smothered and covered with thick layers of candle wax. And she wont be escaping her dungeon cell any time soon. Watch this bizarre candle waxing fetish session.

2. Hot Babes In Candle Fun

Samantha Saint and Victoria White Play With Candle Wax And A Big Double Dildo

1. Perfect Babes Have A Thing For Wax

These really hot babes love to make love to each other. Today, they decide to spice things up by using hot wax.

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