Naked Teen girlfriends Fun in the bedroom




Lesbian teen licking pussyI had heard about this lesbian teen sex tape even before I watched it. When I finally did get a chance, I knew what the fuss was all about.

This teen girl is absolutely clueless that her ex as taken their sex tapes and put them up on the internet. This doesn’t look like some staged fake ex-gf tape that’s made by the studios.

Messy Bedroom Messy Girls

Have you seen the state of their bedroom and kitchen? No porn set looks like this. To me – this is an actual sex tape of a pair of lez teens getting naughty in their apartment.

It’s got such a ‘fun’ quality to it as well. You get to watch this dyke teen prance around their room, picking up the laundry and trying on overly-girly panties.

Yummy Muff

Her muff is just hairy enough to make it look real, but not so much that you know her lover has to pick out pubes after every pussy licking session.

I love watching the fiddle with the camera, trying to get it into the right position so they can record their teen ‘love making’ sessions. That dyke teen’s body is quite delicious, if I do say so myself.

When the fun and games start in their kitchen, it’s another great break that lets you know how real this is.

Let’s fuck like dudes

I don’t know if I’d be as patient with my girlfriend if she had come at me with an ice cube tray! (Although – ice on the tits – not so much fun for me!) It’s not long until they’re back to business, though, breaking out their favorite strap on dildo for some tipsy teen fucking.

That chunky teen sucks down that fake dildo like a good little girlfriend should – spit lube and all!

I wonder how long it will be before the ex gets wind of what’s hit the internet and is scrambling around to get it taken down?

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